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I haven't had a chance to watch the clip yet but...

I got minimally hooked on Amorphous2+, one of the hits amongst the many misses thrown up by Kongregate.

Amorphous2+ is a clickfest of minor proportions, with an addictive reward matrix that had me glued to the screen for an annoyingly long time. The rewards are contra/intuitive, basicaly an organised chaos of thresholds but (crucially) no guide that lets you know ahead of time what actions/achievements will get you a medal...

a forinstance...the 'conscientious objector' award (or something like that, I'm too lazy to click through and verify this, so we are relying on my slightly hazy, newborn-induced-sleep-deprived brain here) requires you to refuse to swing your 'slicer-thingy' for 30 seconds (thus negating the entire stated purpose of the game, which is to swing your 'slicer-thingy' and splat little blobs)...

the important (or at least relevant) issue here is that the clues that point you in the direction of many of the awards are intuitive and require you to
a. get inside the head of the game-designer and think geek_stoner_random wierdness
b. achieve sublime random nirvana

The playability improves somewhat with time invested, but mostly the game relies on our ability to take an empathic leap.

This is not quite the point you were making, but I haven't had the chance to play braid, so this will have to do.

oh...and any thoughts on the fab_labs coming out of MIT?

Personal fabrication sounds like a wee bit of fun, no?

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