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Happy New Year blessings to Rose and her friends from Clovis, California, USA! Just checked out your web page... sent to me by Rose's dad 'n mum... Richard & Fiona Stanley. What an amazing collection of memorabilia you have! We live in a small community which highlights the Western motif... complete with cobblestone streets... and many antique shops!
Visit sometime!

Thanks for the kind words and happy new years. Sounds like a very lovely place you live in.

I mean, all my life people have called me lazy, but now we know I was sick, and that's why I've set up the patient group, Unmotivated Anonymous, and we've got some corporate sponsorship, we've got a website and we intend to raise public awareness about this genuine disease.

Stop-action animation is indeed overlooked by not only the Academy, but the public, as well. Too many times has animation in general been snubbed and been dismissed as child's play, impervious to profundity and sophistication.

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