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Fantastic post Nev. Love your work.

I too would make love to that typeface, except it would be kinky, sado-masochistic sex, what with the sharp serifs and all.

Is it me, or does this blog post sound uncannily like the comic stylings of Steven Colbert? Such as the way in which you have spoken coherently about the topic then suddenly interjected with random WACKIESS.

I don't have sex with typefaces; I make sweet love to them, and they to me.

Shinntilating work Nick has spun here and filled a stylistic void few have ventured to,

what base(line) desires.

however, define "own creation".

while lovely in a very dated way, and i do like this type, his "creation" is simply drawn (literally and figuratively) from a very old model, culled either directly from an historic specimen (i have my 1889 ATF Desk Book at hand), or hybridized from one or more of the "Modern Romans" marketed for book and newspaper comp. Add some Euro symbols and unicode glyphs and its an own creation?

Anyway, it's amusing your visceral reaction to this old old Didotine model. Perhaps that's what makes it so fresh and novel, er, even sexy, to you? It's the product of the hard reality of analog compass and rule, graver and file, and not the free-form, see it make it, anything goes bezier and mouse, screen and 011010.

nice masthead btw. you should get some engraved letterhead done up for hand written correspondence. um, you know, hand jobs...

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I love the Scotch Modern family. In my book, Faces in the Street,
( at http://stevemarshallphotographs.com/books ) I refer to the use of the the Scotch Modern typeface by Australian publisher Angus & Robertson, who in the 1880's published mostly in Scotch Modern.

Thanks Nick for sending me the Modern Suite Handbook.

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